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Organizational Assessment Illiberaling (Power Point Grant)

Topic: Can you verification Measures of Performance (MOPs), Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs) and Indicators in the pioneer bud rule? If yes, how? If referable, why referable? 

Instructions: Prepare an Organizational Assessment Illiberaling on the overhead question. 

The requirements ce this grant are:

· Must own UNCLASSIFIED on every slides.

· This is an counsel illiberaling, referable a lection.

· The grant gain be 20 +/- 2 minutes.

· Grant gain insist of 6 to 10 slides barely (including Title Slide, Agenda, Conclusion, & References).

· May verification up to span other visual aids such as maps and diagrams, if desired.

NOTE 1: Required Slides:

· State resolve ce the illiberal and kind of illiberaling (Military Counselal Illiberal) – Resolve

· Measures of Effectiveness – conference encircling it (Main Points)

· Measures of Performance – conference encircling it (Main Points)

· Summarize what was discussed in your ultimate slides (Conclusion).

NOTE 2: Please fix I own robust conferenceing points in the referablees area of each required slide overhead, notwithstanding among the 20 +/- 2 minutes occasion mould.

NOTE 3: Rubrics is strong ce requirements.

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