The topic should be related to American Government in general terms. This is POLS 1101, is just the introduction to Political Sciences, it means the paper doesn’t have to be too specific. You may pick any topic that relates to the materials covered by your course, and which are contemporary (no historical topics). For LTH Political Science courses, this will include: a. POLS 1101 American Government classes may pick any aspect of the US government structure, the Constitution or Constitutional issues, elections, media (as it relates to government), etc. You may pick a current political or Constitutional issue to research. Since this course also covers Georgia’s state government, you may narrow the focus to the state. You can write for example about: • The contrast between the two major political parties in the United States, • Compare the power of state government with federal government when dealing with issues like abortion, legalization of marijuana, immigration, gay marriage, etc. • Contrast the pluralist with the majoritarian model of democracy, • Explain the rol of media in politics. • How congress implement oversight in the Executive branch. • Explain the importance of the Federalist Paper N 10. They are only examples, you can craft more ideas checking on you textbook. Page requirements for the research paper is a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7 pages of actual text. Cover pages, bibliographies, and endnotes pages do not count toward the minimum page requirement. A minimum of 10 sources are needed for this assignment. You can use primary sources, such as court decisions, laws, statements from political figures, etc. The secondary sources should come from peer reviewed, academic journals or from law reviews, or from books. ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~