POLS 570 Problem Set Assignment #1
Please use SPSS to conduct the analyses for Question #1 and interpret them as requested. Your answers
for all three questions can be written into this document. You must also cut and paste all SPSS output
you use as the basis for your answer. Please upload your assignment to the dropbox in D2L no later than
Friday, October 23rd at 11:59PM
1) Using the NES 2008 or the NES 2004 data set, find two feeling thermometers (one for a
candidate and one for a group) and analyze the measures of central tendency along with their
distribution. In your interpretation of these variables, include an analysis of the mean and
median, the standard deviation and the distribution of the data (Hint: obtain a histogram from
SPSS, look for outliers, etc.). Which is a better measure of central tendency, the mean or the
median, why? After discussing the statistics obtained, explain what these results mean? For
example, do people like or dislike this candidate, are the opinions polarized, etc.? Why?
Short Answer Questions- Please answer these questions in your own words to demonstrate your
understanding of the concepts. Use examples when applicable. Please DO NOT simply copy the answers
from the book or the PowerPoints. The response for each question should be approximately 150 words.
2) What role does the literature review play in one’s research? What does it need to show?
3) What is the difference between reliability and validity?

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