Power Generation Can Be Both Monopolistic Competition Or An Oligopoly In The U.S. We As A Nation Discuss Reduction Of Carbon Constant

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Your assignments for the term contain several research papers based on a provided article or series of articles that mirrors a concept we will study for that week. Your weekly assignment page poses the question that I want you to research and offer an economically supported answer to. In other words, I want you to give me your conclusion based on the facts that you deem important.

Power generation can be both Monopolistic competition or an oligopoly in the U.S. We as a nation discuss reduction of carbon constant. Replacement mentioned often is renewable energy. Many small companies working on basically the same directions vying for Federal dollars and fossil fuel producers lobby the government to slow down. Both spend millions to advertise their approaches. While decisions about the future are being debated, we have an opportunity to reduce carbon with incentive and procedures. A carbon tax and a cap and trade idea. I have provided articled on both to get you started. Do a little research, decide which you would recommend and why?


1) Length of the paper is limited to no less than two and no more than four pages so keep your arguments concise. Title page and references are not deemed as counting toward the two to four page requirements.

2) You are to use APA formatting, that is the paper should be typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″) with 1″ margins on all sides. You should use 10-12 pt. Times New Roman font or a similar font for readability.

3) Your paper should include fourmajor sections: the Title Page,Abstract,Main Body, and References.