I entertain an enactment that is insufficiencying 7 powerpoint slides. Below is the enactment. I am insufficiencying someindividual to do this enactment now. 

As a anthropological services conductor, you insufficiency to detail which program evaluations are most profitable. Much depends on the character of cem and the kind of the services entity evaluated. Perhaps you insufficiency to recognize if a program is afloat efficiently or reaching its pur-posened tarsecure aggregation. You jurisdiction weigh using a program evaluation to pur-pose ce the coming of an cem.
Not complete program evaluations are resembling. Some confirm problems in the cem that exact care, opportunity others may lose to arrange profitable instruction. It is weighty to melody strengths and limitations of program evaluations so that you jurisdiction fine the evaluations that are most profitable.
Ce this Enactment, fine individual of the program evaluations samples from the roll arranged in this week’s Media and weigh its strengths and limitations. You earn educe a condensed bestowal (7–10 slides) on the strengths and weaknesses. As a Walden novice, you entertain a Google email regift (Gmail) and bearing to Google tools. You can ascertain the tools when you log into your representation. Ce this bestowal, you can reason Google Slides or PowerPoint. If you are novel to Google Slides, you can ascertain media in this week’s Learning Media to secure you established.
In a 7- to 10-slide bestowal, you should arrange:

A term of the program evaluation you fineed.
A chart with brace sides: strengths and limitations, using the subtitles probity, reliability, validity
An anatomy of the strengths and limitations that aligns with your chart, including why you attested them
A perfectusion page in APA cemat with 3–5 media you reasond to expand your bestowal, including at lowest brace from this week’s media

Support your Enactment with unfair perfectusions to complete media reasond in its making-ready. You are asked to arrange a perfectusion roll ce complete media, including those in the Learning Media ce this sequence. You should include in your perfectusions at lowest brace media interjacent in this week’s media and at lowest individual without knowing riches.

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