Preventing animal cruelty and torture Animal cruelty and torture are common in the USA. Although the exact number of cases is not documented by the state and federal agencies. Cases reported in the media reflect the true picture of animal cruelty and torture. Before Barrack Obama banned crushing videos. Animal abusers recorded videos crushing, banning, drowning and even suffocating animals. Ladies were also filmed crushing small animals like rabbits with spiked heels. The most common types of animal cruelty and torture include; neglect, sexual abuse, organized abuse such as dog-fighting and cock-fighting, and intentional abuse. In most cases, young men below the age of 30 years perpetrate these acts. 71% of animal abusers have been proven to also be domestically abusive. The House of Representatives passed an act that prohibits animal cruelty and torture. Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) act, states that animal cruelty and torture are offenses. Anyone proven guilty of these offenses will get up to seven years imprisonment. The act sought to fully address the issue of animal cruelty which was not fully addressed in the law passed by Barrack Obama, which banned recording crushing videos. Most people, particularly women persevere abusive relationships for fear that if they leave, their pets will be tortured by their abusive partners. The Human Society Legislative Fund was in support of the Pets and Women Safety (PAWS) Act that was introduced in 2015, which sought to allow victims of domestic violence to escape and keep their pets safe. Animal abusers have been proven to be hostile. Animal abuse is a sign that the abuser will end up to be a bully or a batterer. Most people who torture animals also perpetrate other crimes, for example, a man was killed in California over a ten-dollar betting disagreement during a cockfighting event. 40% of animal abusers are violent against other people. Reports by the media show that animal cruelty is common in both rural and urban centers and across all economic and social settings. All states have laws that regulate animal abuse. In Pennsylvania, Ohio, Lowa, and Mississippi any person who is subsequently found guilty of animal torture is charged with a felony. Animal cruelty is illegal in the USA. Several acts have been signed into law to regulate animal cruelty. Any individual or group found guilty of torturing animals is charged with animal cruelty. The punishment includes fines and imprisonment. These laws help prevent animal cruelty. References Beers, Diane L. For the prevention of cruelty: The history and legacy of animal rights activism in the United States. Ohio University Press, 2006. Adams, Carol J. “Woman-battering and harm to animals.” Animals and women: Feminist theoretical explorations (1995): 55-84. ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~