Principles of Christian ethics

Required Textbook:
• Meilaender, Gilbert. Bioethics: A Primer for Christians. Third Edition. Grand Rapids,
MI: Eerdmans, 2013. ISBN: 978-0802867704

1. Based on your reading of Meilaender, chapter one and Panicola, chapter one (excerpts), answer the following questions.

Write a paragraph (150 words): What key idea did you learn from each chapter? What makes you think this is an important idea, one that was worth remembering?
Choose a quote from one of the readings that “jumped out” for you. Copy out the quote and provide a citation (just the author’s name and page number is sufficient).
Write a paragraph (150 words): Did it resonate with you? Or did it challenge you to think in new ways? Or what else about it caught your interest?

2. Of the various principles of Christian ethics (from Meilaender’s chapter one, Panicola (p. 56-59), and the introductory comments), which do you think are the most important ones to consider for BIOethics? In other words, given that we will be talking about life-and-death dilemmas, which Christian principles do you think will be most important for making good bioethical decisions? Support your ideas with evidence from the readings from the book.

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