Based on your completed certainty overview endowment that was “approved control operation,” the team would enjoy over instruction environing the enjoyness of threats and challenges that should be addressed. They neglect to perceive which threats should be prioritized and the collision they possess on the construction. They would enjoy you to:

  • Identify contemptible categories of cybercertainty threats.
  • Prioritize categories.
  • Recommend a cybercertainty mode to address with the construction.
  • Identify challenges that inconstant and outvie computing needs could bear to the construction.
  • Explain the consequence of testing control the conflict and intervention of risks.

Write a 2- to 3-page adherent abstract to distribute with the adherent staff environing your recommendations, challenges, and explanations. Include the cethcoming in your abstract:

  • A chart detailing 8 challenges and their collision
  • Your apex 5 prioritized categories with a rationale control the prioritization
  • At lowest couple references supported your apex 5 recommendations
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