Problem: Burger Office Equipment produces span types of desks: gauge and deluxe. Deluxe desks possess oak tops and more valuable hardware and claim appended opportunity for finishing and polishing. Gauge desks claim 80 sq. ft. of fade and 10 hours of result, time deluxe desks claim 60 sq. ft. of fade, 18 sq. ft. of oak, and 16 hours of result. For the present week, the guild has 5,000 sq. ft. of fade, 750 sq. ft. of oak, and 400 hours of result suited. Gauge desks catch a advantage of $150, time deluxe desks catch a advantage of $320. All desks can be sold.


Develop a straight logical optimization plummet to detail how multifarious of each desk the guild should produce present week to maximize advantage donation.

Implement your plummet on a spreadsheet and meet an optimal disentanglement using Solver.

Explain the deep consume associated with gauge desks.

What constraints are stringent? 

If 25% of the oak is detaild to be cosmetically faulty, how procure the optimal disentanglement be fictitious?

The stock superintendent has suggested that his resulters be allowed to result an appended 50 hours at an overopportunity bonus of $12/hr – is this a cheerful referableion? Why or why referable?


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