Problem Identification and Solution Strategies

Grabbing FIRST Sentences !

1 to 3 citations per page.

1. First is to follow APA formatting, including a title. A single double space is done between references and between paragraphs, and be sure to indent the first sentence in each paragraph .

2. Second is to include a solid thesis statement, which is the main point you are making in your paper.. Everything else in your paper is built around that key statement (which is usually the second or third sentence of your paper).
3. Third is to keep your paragraphs between 3-5 sentences.. Your shorter paragraphs should be combined, and your longer paragraphs that contain more than 1 thought/point should be separated. A general rule is that paragraphs should not be more than half a page (fold a page in half)
4. avoid writing in first person, do not use contractions (e.g., can’t or don’t), avoid generalizing (“everyone does it,” “most people,” etc.), avoid ending sentences with a preposition, and spell out words that make up an acronym the first time you use them in a
• Citation
• Conclusion
• First paragraph
• More analysis as u can
• Examples
• Grammar and punctuation
The Essay must consist of:
• Introduction
• Buddy
• Conclusion
• 5 or more References

The plagiarism must be under 20 %
The Question:
5 pages
In this assignment you are to discuss any of the decision-making techniques you have learned so far in the course and how they might benefit your organization in maintaining a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. In this critical thinking assignment, you are to use real-life examples wherever possible.

Questions to consider:

How do the decision-making techniques help your organization to run more efficiently?

How might those decision-making techniques assist your organization in maintaining a competitive advantage that align with Saudi Vision 2030? Be specific.