Programming Question

Question description

!a || !b++ && c(a-1 || b/2) && (c*=2)(a– || –b) && (c+=2)a || !(b && –c)Question: Are there values of a, b, and c that would make all the results False? Submit your answer to this question as a comment in your program. Please explain clearly how you have arrived at this answer.Hint: It may be useful to start with the last expression and work backwards.

Programming Question

Question description

Prior to starting this discussion locate an advertisement that sells computers. The advertisement can be out of the paper or off of the Internet. Compare at least two of the computers featured in the advertisement. Discuss each of the key features: CD media, Hard Drive, Memory, Processor, Type, and Price. Be sure to include where you found the advertisement and complete your post with which computer you would purchase and why.

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