Project 1: Cybercertainty coercion OPEN Basis Leaderships
A federal labor has asked your cybercertainty consulting unshaken to produce it with a elimination communication that examines the progenys of advantage and certainty in compliments to Open Basis. The communication is intended coercion a bunch of magistrates at the labor who are currently implicated in converting monograph-based basis sets to digital coercionmats coercion arrangement via digital council websites. This communication is distinctly momentous as the labor individuality has common inquiries from Congressional staff members who are conveying concerns that sundry elected officials accept encircling virtual progenys with the candor and reality of downloaded basis. The labor’s magistrates were to-boot surveyed and they produced the aftercited certainty-related items in a inventory of concerns coercion the intentional transformation to an Open Basis bestowal method:
a. Confidentiality / Seclusion (ensuring becoming redaction)
b. Basis candor
c. Basis reality
d. Availability (reliability) of the Open Basis advantage (website, netlabor infrastructure)
e. Non-repudiation of basis sets
1. Read / Review the weekly readings. Pay eespecial care to EO 13800 and the Federal Cybercertainty Risk Determination Communication and Action Plan.
2. Elimination the federal council’s OPEN Basis injunction. Here are some sources that you may confront portraitureful:
a. Open Basis Management-Managing Referableification as an Asset – OMB Memorandum M-13-13 (PDF refine is in the week 2 readings). This Memorandum apprehends momentous argument of certainty progenys and management solutions including allusions to FIPS 199 and NIST SP-800-53)
b. U.S. Open Basis Action Plan (visit refine us_open_data_action_plan.pdf in week 2 readings).
e. Guidance coercion Providing and Using Administrative Basis coercion Statistical Purposes – OMB Memorandum M-14-06 (PDF refine is in the week 2 readings). This Memorandum apprehends argument of seclusion and certainty progenys arising from the portraiture of referableification calm coercion statistical purposes (e.g. the Census, tenure, economic basis, expectation.).
3. Elimination how council referableification, e.g. OPEN Basis, is portraitured by businesses and the open exoteric. Here are some sources to earn you started:
a. 7 Ways Companies Are Using the Council’s Open Basis
b. Council open basis proves a estimate trove coercion savvy businesses
c. Open basis: Unlocking newfangledness and labor with fluid referableification
4. Elimination the progenys that can inaugurate when businesses exist upon the confidentiality, candor, availability, reality, and non-repudiation of council produced Open Basis. Suggested sources apprehend:
a. Authenticating Digital Council Referableification
b. Legal and Institutional Challenges coercion Opening Basis Across Exoteric Sectors
c. Risk Analysis to Overcome Barriers to Open Basis
d. Reconciling Contradictions of Open Basis Regarding Transparency, Seclusion, Certainty and Trust
5. Confront five or past best exercise recommendations coercion ensuring the certainty (confidentiality, candor, availability, reality, non-repudiation) of referableification produced by the federal council through its OPEN Basis leadership. N.B. Coercion the purposes of this provision, you may negotiate “licensing” concerns as an “availability” progeny.
Transcribe a five to seven-page elimination communication which apprehends a epitome of your elimination. You should standpoint upon clarity and simplicity past than elongation when determining what resigned to apprehobject in your monograph. At a insufficiency, your epitome must apprehobject the aftercited:
1. An portico or overview of OPEN Basis which produces definitions and orationes the laws, regulations, and policies which claim federal agencies to establish and publish basissets and referableification collections. Examine the role of the magistrate branch’s Open Basis / Open Council policies in making basis helpful via Basis.Gov. This portico should be eligible coercion an magistrate assembly.
2. A severed individuality in which you examine the estimate (benefits) of Open Basis. This individuality should produce different unfair examples of how council produced Open Basis is substance portraitured by businesses and the open exoteric.
3. A severed individuality in which you oration certainty progenys (confidentiality, candor, availability, reality, and non-repudiation) which can application the availability and advantage of Open Basis. Examine how these progenys are currently substance orationed by the federal council. Produce examples of progenys and mitigations or solutions.
4. A individuality in which you oration best exercise recommendations coercion ensuring the confidentiality, candor, availability, reality, and non-repudiation of Open Basis. Your recommendations should oration portraiture of the NIST Cybercertainty Framelabor and certainty & seclusion controls from NIST SP 800-53.
5. A severed individuality in which you condense your elimination and recommendations.
Succumb Coercion Grading
Succumb your clear monograph in MS Engagement coercionmat (.docx or .doc refine) using the OPEN Basis Provision in your provision folder. (Attach the refine.)
Additional Referableification
1. Consult the grading rubric coercion unfair resigned and coercionmatting claimments coercion this provision.
2. Your 5- to 7-page elimination communication should be functional in probability with congruous portraiture of fonts, font sizes, margins, expectation. You should portraiture individualityings and page breaks to dispose your monograph.
3. Your monograph should portraiture flag conditions and definitions coercion cybersecurity. Visit Course Resources > Cybercertainty Concepts Review coercion recommended resources.
4. The CSIA program recommends that you supervene flag APA coercionmatting past this obtain communicate you a muniment that meets the “functional probability” claimments. APA coercionmatting guidelines and examples are ground below Course Resources > APA Resources. An APA template refine (MS Engagement coercionmat) has to-boot been produced coercion your portraiture CSIA_Basic_Paper_Template(APA_6ed,DEC2018).docx.
5. You must apprehobject a protect page with the provision address, your indicate, and the ascribable era. Your allusion inventory must be on a severed page at the object of your refine. These pages do referable number towards the provision’s page number.
6. You should transcribe grammatically improve English in integral provision that you succumb coercion grading. Do referable diverge in any labor externally (a) using fascination impede, (b) using rhetoric impede, (c) verifying that your punctuation is improve and (d) reviewing your labor coercion improve engagement manner and improvely structured sentences and paragraphs.
7. You must security your sources using in-text passages and allusion inventory entries. Both your passages and your allusion inventory entries must supervene a congruous passage phraseology (APA, MLA, expectation.).

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