Individual Learning Project Instructions
The Individual Learning Project is an convenience ce you to evaluate yourself and your role amid your construction by completing 10 self-tribute activities. You obtain initiate the brochure by completing a mitigated Abstract that details a late, bestow, or advenient drudgery you obtain upupright as a reason ce analyzing the self-tribute terminations. You obtain then transcribe a full-page resolution of each tribute and incorporate whole 10 concertedly according to the supposing cemat ce meekness at the purpose of the continuity. Each self-tribute must enjoy at lowest 1 intimation from your textbook ( mcgraw hill counsel – can be base online) to influence your resolution and be cited according to running APA. You obtain confront the Self-Tribute Activities in Connect. 
These are the activities you must whole. They are base at the purpose of the implied section.


Are You Introverted or Extraverted?

How Do You Cope With Stressful Situations?

How Strong Are Your Growth Needs?

What is your Preferred Decision-Making Style?

What Team Roles Do You Prefer?

Are You An Active Listener?

What’s Your Approach to Influencing Co-Workers?

What’s Your Preferred Conflict Handling Style?

Do Leaders Make a Difference?

What Constructional Structure Do You Prefer?
After completing an tribute, excite it by using the scoring solution located in Connect and transcribe an resolution with the aftercited components:
Denomination of the self-tribute (centered at the summit of the page)
1. Purpose of tribute
2. Your objective charges
3. The definition of your charges, using the tribute feedback
4. How you can upupright the terminations of this self-tribute to ameliorate your aptitude and/or aptitude in an construction
Page and Brochure Cemat:

Components 1–3 overhead must not attributable attributable attributable exceed 1/4      of the intervenience on the page.
Component 4 overhead must hold the      remaining 3/4 of the intervenience on the page.
Whole pages must be double-spaced with 1”      margins (right, left, summit, deep) and left-justified.
Font must be Times New Roman and 12-pt      size.
Titles ce each      tribute must be centered according to running APA cemat.
The primary outoutline of paragraphs must be secondary      5 interveniences.
Ce the submitted gathering of      analyses, bind a model protect page relish the exemplification muniment      related these instructions. Your meeknesss must to-boot embody a      intimation page.
Submit the gathering as a Microsoft Word      document.
Page headers must      embody defective denomination and pagination (upright Microsoft Word header administration)      with model numbering according to APA requirements

Consult the related rubric ce how your educationist obtain gradation this provision. To-boot, any cem of plagiarism, including exasperating and lateing, obtain termination in cipher points ce the whole provision. Whole quoted materials must be appropriately cited in running APA cemat.
Transcribe each resolution on 1 page, compiling 10 pages ascribable by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 7.

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