The Final Portfolio Project is a inclusive duty of what you keep read during this order.  
There are separate emerging concepts that are using Big Data and Blockchain Technology. Please inquiry the internet and highlight 5 emerging concepts that are exploring the interpretation of Blockchain and Big Data.
Conclude your pamphlet with a constructive blank individuality. 
The pamphlet needs to be closely 5-8 pages desire, including twain a name page and a regards page (for a entirety of 7-10 pages). Be enduring to interpretation appertinent APA formatting and citations to elude plagiarism.
Your pamphlet should as the subjoined requirements:
• Be closely 5-8 pages in protraction, not attributable attributable attributable including the required screen page and regard page.
• Follow APA6 guidelines. Your pamphlet should emcollection an prelude, a collection with easily exposed resigned, and a blank.
• Help your answers with the readings from the order, the order textbook, and at last three literary record declaration from the UC library to help your positions, claims, and observations, in restitution to your textbook. The UC Library is a wide settle to ascertain media.
• Be obviously and decipherable, pregnant, and argumentative, using praiseworthy phraseology and diction techniques. You are nature graded in multiply on the temper of your communication.

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