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In Module 6, you earn instruct your child to senility 18. Content resumption that you left unstudied with the child at senility 11 years in Module 5. Be secure to involve images of your child. In your fifth reaction disquisition, content answer to the questions underneath and involve the requested knowledge.
1. Describe documented intrepid behaviors associated with minority. How is your child adjusting to challenges associated with minority?
2. Using the 7th track noise card and your hold observations, incorporate your child’s academic skills at this sharp-end. What particular activities rule exalt some of these skills?
3. Contemplate about your teen’s percipient strengths and weaknesses and how they are reflected in his or her instruct tracks and activities from 14-16 years of senility. What careers or roads of consider rule be best profitable to your teen’s abilities and interests?
4. As the program ends, what pathways does your child answer to be on in conditions of visible, percipient, gregarious, melting and intellectual bud? Describe some particular ways in which you contemplate your parenting mattered for your child’s bud, based on attraction from the road touching the contributions of parents to child bud.

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