Psychiatrist or psych nursing- Schizophrenia Case Study

Pick any patient – please be aware of DSM criteria for the diagnosis of schizophrenia
Choose one patient/client from your practicum experience during NURS with a chief complaint (Hallucinations) that pertains to disorders (Schizophrenia) covered in NURS or (since specific disorders are not covered
in 5). It is important that you choose a case complex enough for you to showcase each aspect of the case presentation. You are encouraged to choose a patient within the first few weeks of your practicum
Presentation Outline- This for my powerpoint, I will do this once the paper is completed. Thanks.
Your 10- to 15-minute presentation summarizing the following about your patient/client. Your presentation should not be as detailed as your paper. Keep in mind the length.
Please use these heading below when doing the case study paper
1.Identification of Patient/Client and Informants
2.Chief Complaint (always stated in the patient’s/client’s own words)
3.History of Present Illness
4.Past History
5.Family History
6.Social History
7.General Medical History/Health Status
8.Mental Status Exam
9.DSM-5 Diagnosis and NANDA Diagnosis
10.Case Formulation (Theory-Based Assessment). Select one of these two formulation approaches. Pick one
1.Brief psychodynamic formulation
2.Brief cognitive case formulation
11.Treatment Interventions with Rationale
2.Diagnostic Tests/Lab Work
3.Evidence-based Non-Pharmacologic Interventions
4.Patient and Family Education
5.Referral(s) if indicated