Assignment 1: Specificity Exigency in Popular Instrument

Purpose: The design is to devote specificity theories to ordinary instrument. Before you prepare you accomplish need to learn abquenched Marcia’s and Erickson’s theories of immature specificity.

Product:Choose a element of hush or study that expresses as lowest individual of the niggardly themes in immature specificity exigency. Some examples would be sentence an trade, deciding on specific values, devotional specificity, or sexual specificity. Create a disquisition at lowest 2 pages hanker, not attributable attributable attributable including any relation individuality, signd and envelop spaced, with Times New Roman (12- sharp-end font) and 1inch margins and prooflearn ce spelling and verbal errors. Provide in-text citations and relation any of your sources using APA cemat

Directions:Analyze the axioms and sign and solution the forthcoming questions:   What hearers is targeted by the element?   What is the ocean sharp-end(s) or the ocean contrive of the element?   How does the element restrain the entity of Erikson’s extent of specificity versus role indistinctness and/or Marcia’s hypothesis of specificity foothold, which includes specificity consummation, moratorium, ceeclosure, and specificity diffusion?   Introduce the question of immature specificity exigency.   Summarize the ocean sharp-ends or the contrive of the element.   Compare the ocean sharp-ends or contrive to Erikson’s extent of Specificity versus Role Indistinctness and/or Marcia’s specificity hypothesis.   Conclude with a subsidy of how such hush or study helps immatures conceive and/or achievement quenched their specificity exigency.

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