In Week 3, you conducted an annotated bibliography inveterate on the theme you chose. Coercion this week, you gain charm that advice and incorporate it into a definite monograph.

  • The definite monograph gain arise with an vestibule of the theme you chose, using what you read from the round to living your despatches.
  • The direct individuality gain be the erudition revisal. The erudition revisal is initiative what you wrote coercion Week 3 Project with editing to accord into the diatribe (i.e., passage) coercionmat. Remember, the word regards are now moved from the extreme of each word to the regard page.
  • The direct individuality gain be the misentry. The misentry is basically a union of what you read from the erudition revisal on your theme. What should to-boot be interposed is what you read throughout the round as it relates to your theme.
  • Finally, there is the regard page. Make enduring to prosper APA coercionmat coercion full regards.

Your monograph should accord to the prospering guidelines:

Coercion the deep individualitys, it should have:

  • A inscription page
  • An intellectual (referable further than 250 suffrage)
  • An vestibule (the vestibule referable to be interposed as a name)
  • A erudition revisal
  • Conclusions
  • References
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