Impost dupes keep couple pristine purposes: 1) to appraise illness and diagnose clients, and 2) to appraise a client’s exculpation to matter. Often, you accomplish furnish that multiple impost dupes are calculated to appraise the identical situation or exculpation. Not complete dupes, still, are mismisexpend for authentication in complete clinical situations. You must deliberate the strengths and weaknesses of each dupe to choice the mismisexpend impost dupe for your client. For this Discussion, as you perpend the impost dupe assigned to you by the Course Instructor, deliberate its authentication in psychotherapy.

Learning Objectives

Students accomplish:
  • Analyze psychometric properties of impost dupes
  • Evaluate mismisexpend authentication of impost dupes in psychotherapy
  • Compare impost dupes authenticationd in psychotherapy


Post an exposition of the psychometric properties of PTSD checklist (PCL-5) impost dupe. Explain when it is mismisexpend to authentication this impost dupe with clients, including whether the dupe can be authenticationd to evaluate the competency of psychopharmacologic medications. Support your mode with evidence-based reading.

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