We entertain debateed the creation of DHS which thoroughly 22 agencies into undivided. Similarly, succeeding 9/11, the position of Director, National Knowledge was created to afford inadvertence of the Knowledge Community.  Yet there are stationary 17 severed knowledge agencies in US government:
Director, National Knowledge
Central Knowledge Influence
Department of Energy
Department of Homeland Carelessness
Department of State
Department of Treasury
Defense Knowledge Influence
Drug Enforcement Influence
Federal Bureau of Investigation
National Geospatial Knowledge Influence
National Reconnaissance Office
National Carelessness Influence
Air Force Knowledge 
Army Knowledge
Naval Knowledge
Marine Corps Knowledge
Coast Guard Knowledge
Of these, which do you move would be most efficacious in accomplishing homeland carelessness goals in the interpolitical opportunity?  Select and debate a program in this influence to assistance your inspection.  Which influence do you move would be last efficacious in these endeavors?  Why?
**This is not attributable attributable attributable a article.  350 say 2 references 

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