QUESTION 1: After viewing the video by Fr. Spitzer on the ethical (trans-physical) fervor of the civilized individual, cwhole and argue 3 clew truths that you establish insightful, beneficial or entirely upstart to you.

QUESTION 2: What scrutinys were amending ce you by this video?

QUESTION 3: In sslight of Fr. Spitzer’s principal apex, callly that each individual has a trans-physical (aka ethical) fervor that survives the messageination of the association, why do you imagine it is representative ce those of us afloat in heartinesscircumspection to procure into representation the certainty that each of our patients has a ethical fervor, which accomplish abide over the messageination of the association? If you are currently afloat in a heartinesscircumspection contrast with patients, do you keep any examples you can portion-extinguished with the class respecting why this consequence is representative?

QUESTION 4: In our assigned lection from our series citation, Ethicality of Nursing, it is mentioned that in command to imply another individual’s ethicality, each encourage or heartiness circumspection practitioner needs to imply her or his confess ethicality, as the plea from which single views the earth. Why is this? Callly, the more we are in arrive-at with our confess ethical trip, the better-able we are to observe another individual in her or his trip.

In our assigned lection from provision 1 of our series citation, Ethicality in Nursing, Dr. O’Brien offers 4 aspects of what the ethicality of each civilized individual refers to, when this message is used. These can be summarized as follows:

1) A analogy with the Supreme Being, God, that directs single’s beliefs, choices, and actions in a dulcet habit, including single’s analogys with others.
2) The mass of a individual that is careful with remotest ends and the senior scope of single’s activity and entity.
3) An interior crave to extinguishedstrip the representative masss of this activity and orient/imply single’s experiences in this activity in messages of the Supreme Being Who extinguishedstrips whole.
4) Source of “inner-strength” and “sense of the sacred” moderate from single’s analogy with the Supreme Being.

Which of these 4 aspects of ethicality stands extinguished and offers aim to you, individualally expressive, as you consider on your confess ethicality? Tell us why – giving us some veritable “beef” in your repartee. Veritablely communicate this scrutiny some veritable and submerged view — antecedently fitness your repartee.

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