1. Why is HDL consideflushed the good-tempered-tempeflushed cholesterol?
2. Explain the role inflammation has in the product of atherosclerosis 
3. A 53-year-ancient manly with a fact of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) presents to the ER with distresss of afflictive retro sternal chest indisposition that worsens with learned lively. Diagnosis communicates Pleural contact grieve and sharp pericarditis.
A. What does a physician Attendant periodical as the end of the pleural contact grieve?
4. An existing with distress of grandiloquent lymph nodes, abdominal indisposition, temp 102F, and arthralgias control environing 2 weeks, at the ER was dedicated Tamiflu beside the Tamiflu seems not attributable attributable attributable to product and distress of elevated pitched attack, hard throat with flusheddened, cervical lymphadenopathy and tonsils 3+ externally exudate.  Rapid strep was explicit. The Enduring was diagnosed with sharp rheumatic attend indisposition 
A. Explain how explicit strep experience has action the endurings symptoms.
5. A 76-year-ancient unctuous enduring who is 31 hours shaft op hip resuscitation distress of qualm and vomiting, uninteresting mucus membrane, and insufficient to go control tangible therapy. Tangible exam communicates a grandiloquent flushed coloflushed calf and left leg strain. Ultrasound communicate learned venous thrombosis (DVT)
A. Describe the elements that could bear contributed to DVT
B. Explain how each element action DVT
6. A enduring was sent home 10days gone  s/p inequitable slender bowel resection  control crohns indisposition, she hasty initiate experiencing Shortness of inhalation, blood urgency 80/40, oxygen flatten 89% on compass activity, the physician conjecture huge pulmonary embolus, suitableness pause control EMS to come-to the physician attendant assign an EKG on the enduring which communicates Just Ventricular Strain
A. Explain why ample pulmonary embolus interferes with oxygenation
B. Explain why ample pulmonary embolus actions just ventricular strain
7. Explain existing asthmatic responses and the cells chargeable on control the responses
8. Explain past asthmatic responses and the cells chargeable on control the reactions
9. A 56-year-ancient femanly with fact of smoking was diagnosed with emphysema. She as the physician if this media COPD.
A. Explain the pathophysiology of emphysema and how it relates to COPD 
B. Explain the pathophysiology of continuous bronchitis and how it relates to COPD
10. A 60 year ancient enduring with COPD has lost 7% of assemblage power during his master scrutinize , enduring admits to forfeiture some meals and stated the meals use too considerable product to mistake and qualify. 
A. Explain why enduring with COPD are at expose control malnutrition 
11. What is pathologic regularity that can actions enduring with pneumonia to bear mean oxygenation/hypoxia flatten  


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