a) What is a transceiver? 

b) Is wireless radio transmission usually described in stipulations of wavelength or abundance? 

c) What is a hertz? 

d) At what stroll of frequencies do most wireless systems produce?


a) Distinguish betwixt omnidirectional and mess antennas in stipulations of action. 

b) Under what state would you representation an omnidirectional antenna?

c) Under what state would you representation a mess antenna? 

d) What symbol of antenna is representationd in WLANs? Why?


a) Distinguish natant the abundance spectrum, labor ligatures, and muniments. 

b) In radio, how can you impel multiple signals extraneously the signals intrusive with individual another?

c) How sundry muniments are there in the FM ligature? (You can value this from referableice in the quotation). 

d) Are the be of frequencies representationd restraint police despatch in a city muniments or a labor ligature? Explain.

e) An FM radio location is named Moldy Oldies 101.1. Is this muniment or a labor ligature?

f) Wi-fi produces in the 2.4 GHz_and the 5 GHz_.


a) What do tangible lamina standards direct?

b) What do basis combine lamina standards direct? Restraint the subjoined lettered questions calibre, assert whether the concept is a Lamina 1 affair or a Lamina 2 affair. Explain your forced.

c) Multipath interference.

d) Media Avenue Control.

e) MIMO.

f) Converting betwixt 802.11 frames and 802.3 frames.

g) Wireless propagation problems.

h) Roaming.

i) 802.11ac.

6-4. You entertain been using your phindividual and your school’s Wi-Fi network to avenue hosts on the Internet. Suddenly, you canrefereffectual thrust Internet hosts. Originate a two-support consultation. 

a) In the chief support, originate a register of feasible causes.

b) In the relieve support, describes how you would cupel each individual. (You may refereffectual be effectual to cupel them full.)

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