1. Collision of Travel – Las Vegas Example 
Please dispose the subjoined name effected by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority –
What skin of collision does the tourism diligence enjoy on Las Vegas? What were some of the collisions that you didn’t hold of earlier to balbutiation the name (e.g. how plenteous sales assessment is hired by visitors versus locals). What else limpid extinguished to you in the name? Do you hold tourism has the corresponding collision on other cities the corresponding or congruous greatness?
2. 30 Best Places to Visit 
Location the subjoined name –
Enjoy facetiousness with this name and reconsideration the locations. Did any alarm you? Did you affect that some were privation? How sundry of these places enjoy you been and what did you hold of the skip? How sundry of these places do you failure to go to and why?

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