Carefully discover Paragraph 6. 
Discover a recording of melody from the district we are studying (southeastern). Consider using the Smithsonian Folkways or Nimbus Records websites to discover recordings, and then exploration restraint the epithet on Spotify. (Links to an apparent position.) Spotify or YouTube is strongly recommended, excluding another plain streaming benefit is delectable. Listen carefully, noting the instruments, the number of performers, the restraintm, and everything else you can establish.
Type a 1-2 page monograph. This monograph should comprehend span deep sections: a abstract of the paragraph and your thoughts, ideas, and reactions to the melody you ground. This can include your opinions, feelings, ideas, and everything else that may be applicable. Include a incorporate to the melody. 

This ordinance accomplish be graded according to the aftercited criteria:

Is the abstract considerate? Was the melody reaction with incorporate middle? (50%)
Is the congeniality plain and understandable (25%)
Is the congeniality up to restraintmal academic standards? This includes becoming representation of phraseology, punctuation, capitalization, attribution, absence of wonder. (25%)

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