Refer to “Social and Cultural Paper Writing Instructions” for a detailed explanation of the requirements for the Social and Cultural Diversity Paper that you will be developing throughout the course. For this assignment, prepare a reference list that includes the sources you will be citing in the paper. The paper must include a minimum of 10 scholarly references in addition to the textbook. More references may be used if necessary Psychology Question: Lesson #5, Assignment #4:Chapter 6 Case StudyChooseONEof the following cases to address in a short essay of 300-350 words. Don’tneglect to copy-and-paste the questions you have chosen to your assignment’s response.Study Chapter 6 Organizational Behavior Case, “What Do They Want?,” found on page197 ofOrganizational Behavior (11thEdition)and answer the following questions:1. Explain the “motivation problem” in this organization in terms of the contentmodels of Maslow, Alderfer, and Herzberg. What are the “other things” that thehuman resources manger is referring to in speaking of things besides money,conditions, and fringe benefits that are needed to motivate employees? Discuss any ONE issue/theory/idea/thinker (humanists or scientists) arising out of the Renaissance that you found interesting and explain why. And also discuss any ONE issue within Hobbes you found interesting and tell whether you agree or disagree and why Psychology Question: Although research on nonhuman animals has produced many findings that are beneficial to humans, not everyone agrees that it should be allowed. What ethical issues are raised with the use of animals in research? How do you think we should balance this against benefits to human society? Be sure to cite sources according to APA style. ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~