Requirements control BRP Reminiscent Life Writing
Word count:500+500+500=1500 articulation heedion
Exploration method: Qualitative interview
Sample size: 10 participants
3 divergent roles in exploration :
1-basis assembly misproceedings and recommendations ..500 articulation
2- exploration setting ang basis assembly..500 articulation
3-literature re-examination 500 articulation

Reminiscent Writing The extrinsic of the reminiscent life is proceedings your ideas, identical thoughts and trial with the exploration regularity and how you interacted with other cluster members to strengthen you fabricate insights on the education regularity and trials with collaborative education. You are expected to believe more deeply, to brave your long-standing practice of believeing with innovating enlightenment and to heed on how the ace of consider may possess transitional you as a scholar or separate.
What to transcribe in reminiscent Life
The overview should execute on your identical education and heedions control advenient plan employment (how would you do things contiguous term?).
– What was the main braves?
– How did you conquer this braves?
– How could you do it reform / is there any practice that you could manage it reform?
– What did you acquire from the undivided trials?

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