RES/ 351- week 3- Learning Team Reflection

Question description

The non graded activity:It is estimated that it costs approximately
$55,000 to generate an application (app) for the Apple® iPhone®
mobile digital device. Just offering an app is not a guarantee of success. The
most successful apps are sold as downloads and they offer functional value. In
addition, Apple takes weeks to review an app.Collaborate with
your learning team to discuss the previousweek’s objectives.
Select a
non-graded activity outlined in the syllabus of your choice and work through he questions.
Discuss the
end of the non-graded activity questions and summarize your work.  You may
also answer:  How does the material apply
to real business?   The summary should be around 600-750 words.
your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Review the sample document located
in the Center for Writing Excellence for appropriate formatting.answer only the following question:What research would not be appropriate? Why? (150 words)