Research the assigned subject-matter to your team and transcribe a 20-page description. Your description must include an contemplative, portico, substantiality fluctuation (subheadings), evaluation, omission, references. The description should be APA disposed (double-spaced, spelling, grammar, references & engagement coercionmatting). Coercionm unmistakable to upload your description at the discourse exception coercion the residency.
Prepare a PowerPoint donation of the assigned and researched subject-matter. Prepare and confer a 1-hour donation of the assigned subject-matter (40 minutes donation and 20 minutes coercion discourse). Each component of your team accomplish express (encircling 10-minute each) during the donation compact, so coercionm your donation entire and upload it at the discourse exception coercion the residency.
Hints coercion your slides: Excellent visuals coercion the subject-matter; elucidation, graphics, and extract counterpart the donation and are congruent with the notice of the donation. Excellent silences (silence design) are interjacent or voice-over was used coercion details of donations. Transitions are used among slides and animations are used on special slides.  

Topic: Encryption

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