The purpose of this assignment is to synthesize and apply the knowledge you gained in class into a well-written research paper. For this assignment, you will conduct research and write a paper containing the two elements:

Part I: Choose one of the listed topics
• Implementing change on a nursing unit (Student must incorporate an example and a change theory)
• Leadership traits for successfully managing in the clinical arena.
• Quality improvement in the nursing unit or system
• Mentorship in nursing
• Preceptor programs for nursing leaders
• Solving incivility in the work place, How can a nurse manager help? (conflict resolution)
• Legal Issues within the nursing unit
• Promotion of ethical behaviors within the nursing unit (student must create a plan and implementation strategy)
• Nursing Unit Strategic Planning
• Compare and contrast the following new roles for the changing health care arena:
• Nurse Navigators, Clinical Nurse Leaders, and Leaders in Patient-Centered Care
Part II: Evaluate how the topic applies to 2 of the following course competencies.
• Integrate concepts related to leadership into the professional nursing role.
• Analyze the philosophy, goals, and organizational structure of a healthcare system in relationship to the delivery of quality healthcare.
• Compare selected theories of leadership, management, and organizations in relation to healthcare agencies.
• Identify how collaborative leadership styles might be utilized in various community agencies to enhance the role of the nurse leader.
• Examine change theory, change management, conflict resolution, and strategies to promote innovation.
• Explain principles of continuous quality improvement (CQI) and the process of quality planning, improvement, and control.
• Discuss the management process and its impact on the delivery of optimal healthcare.
• Analyze how accountability, advocacy, and collaboration augment the management of care.
• Describe the meaning of teamwork in respect to the health care team
• Identify the essential components of a business plan
• Analyze various organization structure/management theories as they relate to nursing practice
In addition to the assignment specifics above, your paper should:
• Be 3-4 pages, not including the title and reference pages.
• Source(s) should be integrated into the paragraphs. Use in-text citations pointing to evidence in the literature that supports your ideas.
• Incorporate a minimum of two (2) peer-reviewed sources into your paper.
• Use current APA format to style your paper and to cite your sources.
• Include a title page and a reference page listing the sources you used. Be sure to plan enough time for proofreading and editing.

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