Instructions on Research Paper on Exceptional Abilities and Strategies for Differentiated Intervention
An exceptional ability is typically thought of as an ability that exceeds the normal capability in an area. However, for this assignment, the focus may be either on a “gifted” ability or a “disability” as counselors may actually work with disability more often than with gifted ability.
Differentiated Intervention provides focus on the unique individual needs of the client or student being served. Students in the course who work with schools are probably familiar with the three tier system of intervention employed by many state departments of education. This is an example of differentiated intervention.
For this research paper: Use the UWA library databases to find at least five scholarly peer-reviewed articles about a gifted ability or a disability that you have interest in and use the template provided to submit your research paper. You may also include references that are textbooks – but for full credit, you must have at least five scholarly peer-reviewed articles as available in the UWA library data bases. You should look for articles that specifically have discussion about use of interventions with the gifted ability or disability. As the template is already set up in compliance with current APA standards, your APA formatting should be correct. Use your MS Word tool bar and the proofreading function in the Review part of the tool bar to check your writing correctness.
Tips for a high-quality paper.
• Go to the website link that is the first item in the Course Resources tab to see a sample student paper written in APA style – or if you have the 7th edition of the APA style manual, you can see a sample paper starting on 61.
• Use the template. Type your own information in such as name and date submitted on the title page, the name of your topic at the end of the section headings, and your own content in the sections – Don’t change the spacing from the template.
• All references that you list in the reference list must be matched with at least one citation in the body of your paper.
• Refer to the website listed as the first item in the Course Resources tab on the menu for correct reference list and citation examples for journal articles and books.
• Use second person except for the second paragraph in the introduction section – this may be in first person as it is description of your interest in your topic.
• A required minimum word length is given for each section. You may have more than that, but less than that will result in points deductions.
• Don’t plagiarize as the paper will be checked for that by SafeAssign and a plagiarism match will result in reduced points or even a grade of zero.

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