Response to “Superman and Me”, by Sherman Alexie How does Alexie define “paragraph”? What analogies does he make between paragraphs and thing in his life? In his essay “superman and me” Sherman Alexie give his first experience with a paragraph is when he was going through some of the books that his father brought home. His father could buy these books anytime that he had extra cash. Alexie’s home was full of books and this is how he landed into reading one go the books. He was only three years when he read his first book and this is the time he got an experience with a paragraph. His description of a paragraph is a fence that brought together a group of words. The words in the particular paragraph worked together in achieving a specific purpose. The words in that paragraph have a good reason for being in a particular fence. He started thinking of everything about the paragraph. Alexie even started looking at his family as a paragraph that are distinct for the other paragraphs. In the family each member existed as a separate but still had genetics and common experience. Alexie makes a good analogy of what a paragraph shows about life. Everything happens for a specific reason and at a given time. Now what one needs to understand is the reason that something is happening. From his conception of what a family is I would agree and see the same thing in my family. Each individual that exist in a family have their distinct role that might be nothing similar to the life of another person. While sometime we wonder way the family we are in is nothing similar to the other family, it is important to understand that there are clear distinction between families and each exist as an entity. References Alexie, S. (1998). Superman and me. Los Angeles Times, 19. ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~