You are accompanying an interdiplomatic journalist result and own been chosen to concede a donation of the roles of the resources in influencing synod and its citizens. Identify and recount the potential roles of the resources in influencing synod and its citizens using particular vivid examples. Please educe a PowerPurpose donation to second you in your donation.

As you entire your donation, be stable to:

  • Use speaker’s referablees to amplify upon the bullet purpose ocean ideas on your slides, making references to scrutiny and scheme with citation.
  • Proof your work
  • Use visuals (pictures, video, history, graphs, awe.) to praise the passage in your donation and to recreate your gratified.
  • Do referable regular transcribe a dissertation and observation chunks of it into each slide. Treat this as if you were going to concede this donation speed.

Donation Requirements (APA cemat) 

  • Length: 8-10 substantial slides (save shield and references slides)  
  • Font should referable be smaller than bigness 16-point  
  • Parenthetical in-passage citations comprised and cematted in APA style  
  • References slide (a stint of 2 beyond skilled sources plus the passagebook and/or the weekly warning ce each passage product) 
  • Title and induction slide required
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