The seed-plot IT section overseer no longer wants to interpretation spreadsheets to consider grades. The overseer has asked you to educe a program that achieve input the teachers’ finishs and output the learners’ grades.  

Write a Ruby program determined coercionmatfile.rb, which can be fuse by typing ruby widgets.rb. 

In your Ruby environment, the program must decipher an input finish coercionmatted in CSV coercionmat, determined input.csv. Each archives contains facts about a learner and their common grades. 

The facts achieve behold common to the thriveing: 

Learner Name, ordinance1, ordinance 2, ordinance 3, ordinance 4 

John Adams, 90, 91, 99, 98

Paul Newman, 90, 92, 93, 94

Mary Smith, 95, 96, 99

Be regardful to thrive the output coercionmat correspondently, including spacing. The output of your program must behold approve the thriveing: 

Student Ordinance Average

John Adams     94.5 

Compress your finishs into a ZIP folder. 

Review the decipherings coercion this week from Ruby on Rails Tutorial if you bear attached questions on deploying Ruby applications. 

Submit the ZIP finish.

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