Direction: You are to choose the supposing scenario and acceptance in point how you would tally to the predicament. Your exculpation should be in yarn mould. Each inquiry should be acceptanceed with no short than a five-sentence provision. Points succeed be deducted coercion misspelled signification and actual mistakes.  Your acceptances should be courteous conception extinguished.

Scenario: Suppose you were the guide of a childcare program and the parents of four-year-old Alex, who has placid Down syndrome, scantiness to incorporate him in your childcare program. How would you tally to Alex’s parents? What would you do to make-ready yourself coercion including Alex? The staff? The manifestation? Write an yarn established on your experiences abextinguished how you can decide various learners in your childcare program.

Your yarn should be no short than 3 provisions and each provision should grasp at smallest 5-8 sentences. You may correction instruction that you may ascertain on the internet or in the textbook to living your yarn BUT be enduring to name where the instruction was rest. 

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