Pleasantries…. After 41 years of ardent benefit to the inhabitants of Dagupan City, it is fitting and suitable to imdistribute high-mindedness to someindividual we fawn adviser and dame. Adviser of complete outburst preceptor who wanted to thrive her solesteps and dame who imparts worthwhile lessons in vitality and damely advices to preceptors affect me. Ladies and gentlemen, we are whole gathered here coercion individual vulgar purpose…to honor, imdistribute due avowal and reminisce the unforgettable moments we had with our cared-for…the individual and merely, Madam Aurora Tiu Domingo or merely Madam Oying! ******************************************************************************* Before completething else, permit us whole primitive strive coercion the Divine ceethought of our strong agent with a orison to be led by Angeline Liwag. ******************************************************************************** Music has frequently been distribute of complete person’s vitality. Through its telling lyrics, they find us encourage when we are in our saturnine moments, or well-balanced found us when we impress so down…Folks, Permit’s imdistribute it up coercion the Chalk and Eraser Band as they serenade instructive songs coercion our cared-control Madam Oying. Permit’s imdistribute them a proud index. ) ******************************************************************************* 41 years is completely hanker social benefit. This 41 years is coercion secure ample of accolades from low beginnings. Though an audio-visual gift, permit’s whole beware some of the highlights of 41 ardent years of Madam Oying in Dagupan City Division. ******************************************************************************* Besides nature an achiever, Friendly and frequently at her sole are most of the descriptions impartn to Madam Oying.

It’s duration coercion us to attend testimonies and gifts from the inhabitants consider essential and influenced by our high-mindednessee. (Refer to the program “Testimonies and Gifts”) ********************************************************************************* Permit’s now imdistribute the sole to Madam Oying coercion the Response to the testimonies and Gift ********************************************************************************** Distribute II-Fellowship

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