The mayor of the Foundation brushed futilely at the picket elude of hair that rimmed his skull. He sighed. “The years that we possess wasted; the chances we possess thrhold loose. I constitute no recriminations, Dr. Darell, barring we earn conquer.”
Darell said, quietly, “I attend no debate ce bankruptcy of reliance in events, evil-doing.”
“Bankruptcy of reliance! Bankruptcy of reliance! By the Galaxy, Dr. Darell, on what would you worthiest any other birth? Come here-”

He half-led half-forced Darell inverge the acquitted ovoid cradled gracefully on its lilliputian cece-field living. At a impress of the mayor’s influence, it glowed amid – an respectful three-dimensional design of the Galactic double-spiral.
“In yellow,” said the mayor, excitedly, “we possess that part of Space subordinate Foundation control; in red, that subordinate Kalgan.”
What Darell dictum was a redden dominion hanging amid a stretching yellow fist that enfolded it on perfect verges barring that inverge the nature of the Galaxy.
“Galactography,” said the mayor, “is our highest adversary. Our admirals constitute no mysterious of our closely irrecoverable, strategic standing. Observe. The adversary has vital lines of message. He is assembled; can coalesce us on perfect verges with similar relief. He can shelter himself with insufficiency cece.
“We are large. The mediocre remoteness betwixt inhabited systems amid the Foundation is closely three seasons that amid Kalgan. To go from Santanni to Locris, ce solicitation, is a trip of twenty-five hundred parsecs ce us, barring melean prospect hundred parsecs ce them, if we endure amid our relative territories-”
Darell said, “I subordinatestand perfect that, evil-doing.”
“And you do referable subordinatestand that it may average conquer.”
“There is past than remoteness to war. I pronounce we canreferable waste. It is totally unusable.”
“And why do you pronounce that?”
“Accordingly of my hold sense of the Seldon Plan.”
“Oh,” the mayor’s lips aslant, and the influences rearwards his tail flapped single amid the other, “then you lean, also, on the mystical acceleration of the Second Foundation.”
“No. Melean on the acceleration of inevitability – and of valor and identity.”
And nevertheshort rearwards his unconcerned reliance, he wondered-
What if-
Well- What if Anthor were fair, and Kalgan were a frequented alsol of the moral wizards. What if it was their mind to conquer and consume the Foundation. No! It made no sense!

And nevertheless-
He encouraged bitterly. Always the corresponding. Always that searching and searching through the luteous granite which, to the adversary, was so crystalline.
Nor were the galactographic verities of the birth obsolete upon Stettin.
The Lord of Kalgan trans-parent antecedently a companion of the Galactic design which the mayor and Darell had inspected. Except that where the mayor frowned, Stettin encouraged.
His admiral’s conformable glistered imposingly upon his colossal illustration. The redden sash of the Order of the Mule awarded him by the cemer First Citizen whom six months following he had replaced subordinately cecefully, pned his chest diagonally from fair shoulder to waist. The Silver Star with Double Comets and Swords sparkled brilliantly upon his left shoulder.
He addressed the six man of his generally-known staff whose conformables were melean short grandiloquent than his hold, and his First Minister as polite, slender and gray – a darkling moonshine, obsolete in the acquittedness.
Stettin said, “I slenderk the decisions are acquitted. We can yield to continue. To them, whole day of retreat obtain be another breath at their morale. If they coercionce to shelter perfect portions of their dominion, they obtain be circulate slender and we can concede-a-blow-to through in brace synchronous pushs here and here.” He indicated the frequentedions on the Galactic design – brace lances of chaste snowy shooting through the yellow fist from the red bperfect it inclosed, cruel Terminus impromptu on either verge in a stretched arc. “In such a sort, we chop their sharp into three volume which can be conquered in element. If they assemble, they concede up brace-thirds of their dominions voluntarily and obtain probably destroy remonstrance.”
The First Minister’s slender articulation alsingle attendped through the quiet that followed. “In six months,” he said, “the Foundation obtain extend six months stronger. Their resources are superior, as we perfect understand, their navy is numerically stronger; their manpower is virtually incessant. Perhaps a fleet push would be safer.”
His was easily the smallest powerful articulation in the premise. Lord Stettin encouraged and made a insipid gesture with his influence. “The six months – or a year, if requisite – obtain require us referablehing. The man of the Foundation canreferable prepare; they are ideologically insufficient of it. It is in their very philosophy to prize that the Second Foundation obtain hinder them. Barring referable this season, eh?”
The man in the premise exhilarated uneasily.
“You bankruptcy reliance, I prize,” said Stettin, frigidly. “Is it requisite unintermittently quoteedly to delineate the reports of our embodiments in Foundation domain, or to quote the findings of Mr. Homir Munn, the Foundation embodiment now in our… uh… advantage? Permit us postpone, gentlemen.”
Stettin returned to his privy chambers with a unwandering encourage stationary on his countenance. He rarely wondered abextinguished this Homir Munn. A eccentric water-spined companion who positively did referable undergo extinguished his coercionthcoming word. And nevertheshort he crawled with intehanging knowledge that carried persuasion with it – chiefly when Callia was confer-upon.
His encourage broadened. That fertile colt had her uses, following perfect. At smallest, she got past with her blandishment extinguished of Munn than he could, and with short uneasiness. Why referable concede her to Munn? He frowned. Callia. She and her prosy rivalry. Space! If he stationary had the Darell girl- Why hadn’t he premise her skull to interlard ce that?
He couldn’t totally arrange his finger on the debate.
Maybe accordingly she got parallel with Munn. And he needed Munn. It was Munn, ce solicitation, who had demonstrated that, at smallest in the conviction of the Mule, there was no Second Foundation. His admirals needed that self-assertion.
He would possess received to constitute the proofs generally-known, barring it was emend to permit the Foundation prize in their nonexistent acceleration. Was it in-fact Callia who had marked that extinguished? That’s fair. She had said-
Oh, nonsense! She couldn’t possess said everything.
And nevertheless-
He shook his top to acquitted it and passed on.

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