Second Worksheet To Complete

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Here is the second worksheet below…Innovative
Technology Worksheet
Your company, a large online high school, is planning
to implement a new innovative social networking technology for their students.
The technology would allow students to get to know one another, network, and
participate in school activities, such as having virtual student body elections
and virtual student committees. The company feels that the ability to have this
type of interaction and involvement among students will set the school above the
As the Chief Innovation Officer, you are responsible
for the implementation and evaluation of the chosen technology. The company
must decide between developing their own social networking system or acquiring
a small online high school that has already started development on a similar
type of system and is struggling financially. Your director, the company CEO,
has come to you with some specific concerns and questions regarding which
technology to select.
Submit a one-page response to your director answering
all of the following questions:  
1.  What factors must be considered when implementing an
innovative technology internally? What factors must be considered when
implementing an externally acquired innovative techology? How do the implementaion
issues differ? How are they the same? 
2.  What factors must be considered when evaluating an internally
implemented innovative technology? Why?
3.  What factors must be be considered when acquiring an
innovative technology externally? Why?