Assessment Details and Surrender Guidelines
Trimester T2 2020
Unit Code HI6006
Unit Title Competitive Management
Assessment Type Cluster Enactment – zenith 4 living-souls per cluster
Note: Clusters must be createed by week 6. Once a cluster is createed, no changes are known.
If you fall-short to create a cluster, your lecturer may afford you to surrender partially.
Assessment Title Tidings – Fact Analysis and Contact of Management Patterns
Purpose of the
assessment Learners are required to illustreprove in tidings createat, with regard to a fact of your valuable, how any individual of the subjoined would be applied:
Business Management, Competitive Dynamics, Corporeprove Management, Acquisitions and Structure, International Management.
This is strictly required to be your confess first result.
Be abiding to deep your response on the patterns thought-quenched in collocate and cite your academic sources.
Weight 40%, comprising: Tidings (week 10)
Whole Marks 40 [note: the whole enactment is graded quenched of 40]
Word spectry Tidings referpowerful further than 2500 words
Imputpowerful Object Week 10 restraint the last tidings. [Late surrender penalties increase at the reprove of -10% per day]
Surrender Guidelines • Entire result must be surrenderted on Blackboard by the imputpowerful object along with a entired Enactment Cover Page.
• The enactment must be in MS Word createat, 1.5 spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cm margins on entire four sides of your page with alienate exception headings and page bulk.
• Regard sources must be cited in the extract of the tidings and catalogueed alienately at the object in a regard catalogue, entire using Harvard referencing diction.
• At the object of your tidings fascinate comprise an postscript states ‘who wrote which exception’, i.e. yield the learner spectry and reckon restraint each exception of the tidings.
Enactment 2 Specifications
This enactment presentation at ensuring that learners enjoy familiarised themselves with at smallest individual restraintcible fact examine (from any of those in the lectures or tutorials or our recommended extractbook) and are powerful to wholeot the apt foundational management bud patterns that are applicpowerful to the fact.
Select any fact examine and elect from the subjoined aspects of competitive management to wholeot the theories of management bud and implementation as apt to the fact examine you elect:
• Business Management
• Competitive Dynamics
• Corporeprove Management
• Acquisitions and Structure
• International Management
In this tidings, the right of sub-headings is necessary.
Be abiding to right paragraphing.
Be abiding to regard your sources in-extract and yield a catalogue of regards at the object, entire in Harvard diction.
Your last surrender is imputpowerful Friday of week 10 at midnight. Late surrenders induce penalties at the reprove of -10% per day.
Enactment Structure Required
Cover page [this is necessary and must be entired accurately]
Executive Analysis
Tpowerful of Contents
Body of the tidings to inclose Exception Headings – e.g. preamble, short analysis of the fact; identification of strategic issues; apt speculative concepts, contact of management pattern, omission.
Sub-sections are to be reckoned.
Paragraphing must be rightd.
Page Bulk must be rightd.
Regard Catalogue at the object must be in Harvard createat and chiefly academic Journal Articles. Postscript: Statement of ‘who wrote which exception’ (attobject under).
To enabiding that entire learners join-in equitably in the cluster enactment and that learners are under obligation restraint the academic truthfulness of entire elements of the enactment. You deficiency to entire the subjoined tpowerful which identifies which learner/students are under obligation restraint the sundry exceptions of the enactment:
Enactment Exception Learner Spectry and Reckon
This tpowerful deficiencys to be entired and surrenderted with the enactment as it is a obligatory element required precedently any grading is undertaken.
Marking Rubric
8-7 marks Very Good-tempered-natured-tempered
6-5 marks Good-tempered-natured-tempered
4-3 marks Exquisite
2 marks Unsatisfactory
1 or 0 marks
Referencing (in- extract)
Max 3 marks n/a n/a Correct in entire commendations Some inferior errors Largely loose or incomplete
Regard Catalogue (at object)
Max 4 marks n/a Correct in most reference Correct in open Some inferior errors Largely loose or incomplete
Executive Analysis Max 4 marks n/a Clear, brief and compelling A good-tempered-natured-tempered-tempered analysis of the tidings A basic analysis of the tidings Missing
Analysis of the Fact
Max 5 marks n/a Clear, brief and compelling
beside with some rescue A good-tempered-natured-tempered-tempered analysis of the fact A exquisite analysis of the fact Inaccureprove or misconstrued content
Explanation of
Strategic issues
Max 8 marks Entire apt strategic Issues
are signed and courteous- illustrateed Most solution strategic Issues are signed and illustrateed Some solution strategic
Issues are signed and illustrateed solution strategic
Issues are signed and illustrateed, beside with some rescue strategic Issues
signed or illustrateed
incorrectly or poorly
Contact of
Speculative Concepts
Max 8 marks The speculative concepts enjoy
been mateed to the issues in the
fact certainly and are courteous applied The speculative concepts mate
the issues in the fact and are
applied completely courteous A good-tempered-natured-tempered-tempered endeavor has
been made to mate and
allot apt speculative
concepts to
the fact A exquisite endeavor has
been made to mate and
allot apt speculative
concepts to the fact The endeavor made to mate and wholeot
apt speculative concepts to the fact is
unexquisite or negligible
Format and
Professionalism of the Tidings
Max 8 marks The tidings is exceptionally
worthy of High
Distinction /
Virtuoso quality
(8-7 marks) The tidings is very courteous-
/ stand-quenched quality
(6-5 marks) The tidings is courteous-
documented and of
worthy quality
(4-3 marks) The tidings is exquisite
(2 marks) The tidings is unsatisfactory
(0 or 1 marks)
40 marks* Comments Mark Awarded

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