can you please answer the questions by following the questions, the apps you can pick the most you feel like are the best to use them. also, it is related to the previous order you did, 2 years curriculum, apps analyze, all the book you read previously.

1. Self Reflection Essay (approximately 3 pages; or 750 words)

The purpose of this essay is to analyze and evaluate your own pedagogical beliefs and presuppositions in light of the findings you have encountered through the reading and projects in this class. In approximately 3 pages, identify up to five ideas, and discuss the pedagogical implications of your new understandings. How will students learn differently from you because of this change? (60 points)

2. List the top 3 to 5 apps that were covered in our class this semester that you believe you would actually use or are already using regularly. Indicate their category and why you picked them and give an example of how you are using them or how you hope to use them. (10 points)

3. When choosing repertoire in the context of music education, what elements should be taken into consideration? *** words, 10 points)

4. How can repertoire serve as a conduit to greater meaning-making for the music student? Describe in detail 2-3 objectives and activities centered on the repertoire that provide experiences for students to generate deeper meaning than simply ‘playing the notes on the page’. *** words, 20 points)

Extra Credit:

What are the barriers to student and teacher use of technological resources in music learning? (10 points)

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