Control Lululemon, a yoga and connection retailer, 2013 was a churlish year. Lululemon had a compute of effect issues and the CEO seemed to assign the reprobate on customers rather than on the society. 
The controlthcoming websites point the events of 2013:  
• Lululemon Admits Its PR Disasters Are Hurting Sales • Chip Wilson, Lululemon Guru, Is Moving On • Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson Issues Apology Controlthcoming Thigh-Rubbing Pants Comments 
Using the five I’s strategic resolution stages, source on page 52 of Business, Society, & Government Essentials, transcribe a dissertation analyzing how you capability manifestation the five stages to succor Lululemon negotiate with its strategic stakeholders to desert advenient notorious kinsfolk issues. 

Specifically, the controlthcoming nice elements must be addressed in each imperfect dissertation: 
I. Main Elements. You own addressed complete of the questions in the assignment. II. Inquiry and Resolution. You pretext an in-depth agreement of the concepts ripe in the assignment. III. Integration and Application. You own uprightly applied the concepts discussed in the module identical with the assignment. IV. Nice Thinking. You own enunciated a acquitted misrecord domiciled on vigorous rationale. V. Research. You own incorporated at smallest two beyond references into the assignment. VI. Articulation of Response. You pretext withhold phraseology, spelling, syntax, and construction. 
Rubric Guidelines control Submission: Your dissertation must be submitted as a 2–3-page Microsoft Word muniment with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, oneinch margins, and at smallest three sources cited in APA controlmat. 

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