Establishing a Colony on Enceladus

Our lives on Enceladus would be much better than on Earth. Enceladus is one of Saturn’s moons, with Titan occupying the biggest space. Astronauts have explored the Space for several decades in search of planets that could support human life. The spacemen’s missions could be motivated by curiosity, but others argue that the increasing population contributes to the endeavors. In all the explorer’s activities, habitability is always the first consideration. Although some solar systems appear to have a bigger space than the Earth, the lack of water adds to the other factors that inhibit plans to settle on the solar system. We should establish a colony on Enceladus to reduce Earth’s overpopulation, display our innovative minds, and satisfy our conquest nature.
We should depopulate Earth by making Enceladus our colony since its habitability is possible. A planet’s habitability is influenced by several factors, particularly the presence of water and oxygen. In the last few decades that explorers have traveled to Saturn, there has been no clear information concerning the safety of living on the planet. However, Schulze-Makuch and Irwin (2018) postulate that hydrothermal vents could provide water, which is the essential commodity to humans. Similarly, Olsson-Francis, Billi, Teske, and De Vera (2019) report that 98% of gas in Enceladus consists of water and vital molecules. Since researchers hint that the moon supports life, we should consider making it ours and transporting some families to the planet.
Making Enceladus our colony would allow us to demonstrate our innovation. Human beings thrive on solving complicated situations. Saturn’s systems would help us to change the world by making Enceladus a beautiful place. In a recent Cassini-Huygens mission, researchers found that “a liquid reservoir could exist some kilometers beneath the ice crust” (Olsson-Francis et al., 2019, p.730). We would quickly devise methods to turn the substance into clean water that would support life. In other words, turning Enceladus into our colony would have a positive impact on the entire solar system since our creativity would lead to unique improvement.
Moreover, setting up a colony on Enceladus would fulfill our innate conquest nature. All our current achievements could be attributed to the curiosity with which we approach issues. Everyone aspires to have control over something because of the belief that we are more intelligent than all other creatures. This perception should motivate us to dominate Saturn’s regions because our conquering attitude results in development. One of the challenges we would have to conquer pertains to the heat eruptions on Enceladus, although explorers argue that it is generally steady (Hemmingway & Mittal, 2019). As people who have previously overcome worse challenges, we would exist in Saturn’s moon.
We should plan to have Enceladus as one of our colonies, but with the definite motive of improving it by using our creative minds to make it habitable. Instead of colonizing the moon for self-interests, as we have done in the past, our approach should be informed by humane attitudes. The current high population on Earth should inspire us to establish the colony. Such an ambition would require innovative strategies since Enceladus’ habitability is not fully confirmed. The obstacles may appear impossible at first, but the enthusiasm with which we handle problems when we want to expand our territories would empower us enough to navigate them. Our quest for a better would inevitably lead to the development of the planet while help people around the world.

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