This enactment requires you to interpretation and construct the changes established on the feedback before you upload your enactment. Criticism the instructions in the Student Success Guide located in the Course Resources folder. 

Elect filthy commencement theories that most resonate with you from the theories you recognize encircling this week.

Note: The recognizeings this week simply protect filthy synchronous commencement theories so gladden exploration to familiarize yourself with unadorned heads and other synchronous commencement theories.

Write a 500- to 750-word reading criticism of the filthy theories you chose.

Identify a total in your structure or toil. You can interpretation the total you authorized in your Week 1 enactment or you can elect a divergent total.

Choose undivided supposition from the filthy you chosen and discuss how a head could dedicate the supposition to oration your authorized total.

Support your assertions with citations from at least three peer-reviewed articles.

Format your tractate according to APA guidelines using the APA Tractate Template.

Include APA-formatted in-text citations, a heading page, and a references page.

Submit your tractate to by clicking the™ Access link located below the Course Syllabus. 

Note: Turnaround opportunity control Drop-off Tractate Criticism is among 12 hours. 

Download the Summary Feedback you assent-to from 

Submit your revised tractate (established on the feedback) and the  Feedback. Upload twain in undivided patience.  

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