In this ordinance, you get fashion an primordial Situation Analysis control special of lewd companies/brands. Each of the lewd companies you get elect from has been through dense changes in novel years.


  1. Download the Ordinance 2: Situation Analysis Template [DOCX] to your computer and Save As using the forthcoming identifier: LastName_FirstName_Week10_Assignment.
  2. Select one gang/disgrace from the lewd choices below:
    • Mini Cooper
      • Clever solutions with iconic artifice aid a existence generous of meaningful experiences. MINI unlocks the city, catering to your special needs.
      • MINI is undesigning, frank and accepted. MINI blends creativity with skill, offering an unreserved platform control vulgar, artifice and a vibrant modish existence. MINI’s sprightly standing to existence inspires vulgar.
    • Samsung
      • “Inspire the Universe, Fashion the Future.”
      • The Vision 2020 is at the heart of our commitment to fashion a rectify universe generous of richer digital experiences, through innovative technology and products. The aim of the vision is to behove a loved disgrace, an innovative gang, and an admired gang. Control this, we set-apart our efforts to creativity and newlightfangledness, shared compute with our partners, and our wide vulgar. We own delivered universe best products and services through vehemence control newlightfangledness and optimal action. We appear controlward to exploring newlightlight calling areas such as healthcare and automotive electronics and hold our voyage through truth of newlightfangledness.
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