For this 5-7-page essay you will write an autobiography of an emancipated Brazilian slave. Based on the readings and evidence presented in To Be a Slave in Brazil, 1550-1888, you will put yourself in the shoes of a slave. A slave who can write is not an ordinary slave. A slave who writes an autobiography is literate and is expecting somebody to learn about his life and fate. Writing an autobiography requires careful understanding of what life for a slave looked like in the past. I expect you to do a careful reading of the book. We will also read other primary sources written by slaves in other parts of the Atlantic world to bring more elements to your composition of the character. You will obtain a peer review of your first draft from another student in the class, and you will reciprocate the favor. The purpose is to think historically putting yourself in the mind of a historical actor, in this case, somebody whose life was certainly not epic or extraordinary, rather the opposite. There is a required reading: Katia M. de Queirós Mattoso, To Be a Slave in Brazil, 1550-1888 (ISBN 0813511550/ 9780813511559)

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