The exam consists of fifteen near response topics. Some topics implore restraint a localation of a concept timeliness others implore restraint application and/or resolution. Please response the subjoined topics in paragraph restraintm with the topic mass labeled. 

Final Exam Topics:
1.  What are “face”, nonintention arrangement, and restorative arrangement?
2.  What is the “girl hunt”? How this is an sample of percussion superintendence?
3.  What is the gloried wilful? What are the three consequences of the gloried wilful?
4.  Take the sample of a function meeting and apportion Goffman’s dramaturgical advance to this gregarious interaction. How is this an sample of percussion superintendence? How is this scheme of the wilful unconnected from Mead’s and Cooley’s theories of the wilful?
5.  How are the reflected wilful and the looking-glass avatar contemptible and contrariant from Cooley’s scheme of the looking-glass wilful? Give local samples to embody the contemptibleities and differences?
6.  In the stipulation, “The Donation of Wilful in Virtual Spaces,” Gottschalk argues men-folks keep aggravate repress aggravate their online donation of wilful. In the documentary, “Generation Like,” it is argued that online interactions are increasingly commercialized and husband men-folks as marketers. How do you adapt these broad ideas among your possess online interaction and donation of wilful? Are these ideas confer-upon in your habits?
7.  What is a reverential? What are contemptible reverentials we involve in when we are in gregarious interaction?
8.  Regarding Preference 26 by Jones, how does the decree of the street adjust the interactions of African-American girls in refined neighborhoods? How does the decree cem the wilful-presentations of these girls?
9.  What happens when commonalty canvass the rife interactional regulate of an literature? How do others meet? Provide an sample from the lections.
10. What are gregarious inequalities? How are inequalities examined from a symbolic interactionist perspective?
11. What is blot? What are the broad types of blot? How were the strategies of managing blot contrariant restraint Middle Eastern American and movable residence field residents?
12. How was road and systematize disproportion reflected in the workplace hierarchy at Kidworks? Who held susceptibility? How did professionalism rehearse to tender work and what were the consequences of professionalism restraint the racial hierarchy?
13. Describe how the gregarious earth of a hyperphysical hospital is simulated and cems the intellectual habit of the patients. Use local samples from Goffman’s lection.
14. How did the parents featured in the Martin preference husband the convertibility of their heavy child? What types of “face work” did they involve in?
15. What are three things you keep skilled encircling the wilful and collection in this road? Why were these topics the most intriguing? Has this newfangled the habit you judgment your convertibility or interactions with others? Please localally condense three unconnected concepts or theories.

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