Technological advancement triggered a change in the traditional marketing midway and strategies. The Internet is now considered as one of the most effective ways to communicate to customers, to advertise and launch products. People relied more and more on the Internet for research, social networking, online communication and shopping. Without the luxury of time, people started to prefer to stay home or in the office to process transactions through the Internet.
The Internet service industry along with computer sales drastically increased because of the growing need for Internet surfing for personal and business use. Remarkably, direct and digital marketing through Internet became the preferred marketing midways used by companies since it offers direct communication with the customer base through email, online ads, search engine listing, online public relations, social bookmarking, affiliate marketing and viral electronic word-of-mouth marketing.
With all these options to choose from, a company can properly profile the needs and wants of the customers. Moreover, surveys are normally done to define the needs, feedback and preferences of the customers. With the wide range of scope that the Internet can reach, the price is a lot cost-effective than that of the traditional mediums of marketing through TV, print and radio. One benefit of mobile advertising is the accessibility of the target market and the impeccable knowledge about the customer in terms of demographics, usage and channel.

Moreover, the delivery mechanism enables marketers to receive campaign statistics and measure campaign effectiveness. With the evolving changes in the behavior of people in this technological world, the mobile marketing strategy can surpass and grow in the next 3 to 6 years. If the behavior of people and the technological growth will be the metrics for advancement of mobile marketing, it can be confidently said an advancement will happen to this marketing practices category. On the other hand, social marketing will also be affected with the phenomenal growth in technology.
Social marketing is mainly focused on changing the intractable behaviors in complex environmental, economic, social, political circumstances for the common good of people. It’s main purpose is to improve the quality of life which can be considered as ambitious. A thorough and comprehensive planning is needed for social marketing and it requires accurate profiling of the customers. In lieu with the objective of social marketing to change the behavior of the market, the world wide web is the best place to profile and to influence the market.
The remarkable usage of Internet created opportunities for social marketing and advocacies. Three or six years from now, social marketing will be more comprehensive and accurate, with the availability of resources, it is more manageable to directly reach out to a customer base. Technologically speaking, it is very much possible for the global marketing to be widely used through enhancing and automating the processes. To change the behavior of a market is far too ambitious to achieve, however, the behavior of people towards advocacies and programs have evolved.
Support for such have grown in the last few years. With this change in behavior, opportunities for profiling and changing the views of people is somehow more achievable and realistic. In conclusion, there are possibilities of the decline in the social marketing practices as well as the digital advertising. However, these two categories of marketing can also adopt to the ever changing market preferences but enhancements will be formulated to improve the approaches of

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