AMH 2020
Fall 2020
Dr. Brinton

“Spanish” Flu/1918 Pandemic short research paper

For this project, you will explore an aspect of the 1918 influenza pandemic. You will need to consult at least three (3) peer reviewed/academic journal articles or books from the NWFSC Library’s collection, and at least three (3) primary sources. Many of you will likely consult more sources than that. You are not limited to the suggested sources posted on Blackboard (these are just to get you started!). Your essay should approach one of the following prompts. If you have another theme, question, or idea you would like to explore, please email the professor at [email protected] Your paper should be at least 4-5 pages long, but may be longer if you wish.

1. How and why did the influenza strain of 1918-1919 spread and become a global pandemic?
2. How did public health officials, civic and national leaders, and ordinary citizens combat the spread of the influenza? Was there resistance or dissent?
3. Why do we call it the Spanish flu? What was the connection between the flu and World War One?

You will need to cite all your sources using the Chicago Manual of Style, which you can find a guide to here:

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