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1. Consider a potential student project concerning the making of popcorn. Possible factors affecting the outcome of popcorn making include at least the following: Brand of corn, Temperature of corn at beginning of cooking, Popping Method(e.g., frying versus hot air popping), Type of Oil used(if frying), Amount of Oil used(if frying), Batch Size, initial Moisture Content of corn, and Person doing the evaluation of a single batch. Using these factors and/or any others that you can think of, answer the following questions about such a project:(a) What is possible response variable in pop-corn project?2. The diameters of bearing journals ground on a particular grinder can be described as normally distributed with mean 2.0005 in. and standard deviation .0004 in.(a) If engineering specifications on these diameters are 2.0000 in. +/- .0005 in, what fraction of these journals are in specifications?