Statistics is a discipline that involves the collection of data, analysis and summarizing it in an organized numerical format. Statistical models and representations are normally applied to real life studies or set of experimental data. There are defined methodological steps which are followed in the process of gathering, reviewing, analyzing and drawing valid conclusions from a data set. Statistics can be applied in various fields such as business, sociology, government, academic, manufacturing, and technology among other fields. In the collection of data set for analysis, the first process involves understanding the population which refers to the whole number of subjects under investigation. If the data collection is to be done on the whole population it is referred to as a census. However, in most cases where the population is large, a sample is taken using various sampling techniques to represent the population. The findings are therefore concluded to be that of the whole population.
In the process of data analysis, two approaches can be used; either descriptive or inferential. Descriptive statistics are normally used to give summaries of data mainly used mean, mode and median. On the other hand inferential statistics focuses on data from a subclass of a population. There are several statistical measures that are used such as mean, variance, regression analysis, skewness and kurtosis. In carrying out the various statistical experiments, the test of significance is a key element. The statistical significance implies that the results from a particular test are not just by mere luck but are largely applicable to the whole population— this is an attempt to remove bias. Variability is another important measure to consider in statistics. Variability is the indication of extent to which a given set of data diverge from the mean or another reference point. The measures are mainly use of variance, range and standard deviation.

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